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Latex Catsuit: Full-Body With 2 Internal Condoms And Penis Sheath

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by Latexa

Full body latex catsuit for total coverage including hood, gloves and socks, with anal condom and penis sheath with three-way zipper.

Anatomical hood with openings for nose, ears and internal condom.

The catsuit has a three-way 95 cm back zipper that begins at the back of the head.

The catsuit has no eyeholes but has contours for cutting holes with scissors if desired.



Length of Internal Condom - 12.0 cm

Length Shaft of Penis Sheath (not incl. balls) - 12.0 cm  

Length of Anal Condom - 12.0 cm


Production type:




0.4 mm

More Information
Brand LATEXA (Germany)
Color Amber, Black, Lilac, Metallic Blue, Olive Green, Pink, Red, Smoky Grey, Transparent, White, Yellow
Size XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Latex Thickness No