The delicate bra is an iconic feminine image, and a latex bra adds an extra dimension of eroticism to entice your partner and heat up the atmosphere. Even when hidden under your clothes, you know it’s there, and you will exude an aura of confidence and sexuality as you are aware of it there against your skin. When you wear a latex bra, you immediately transform your sexual image into one that is imaginative, fresh and exciting. It shows off your sexuality. A latex bra is a sure way to please and sexually arouse your partner.

Rubber Loft Offers the Best in Bras

A properly fitting latex bra complements your body and ensures maximum pleasure, so make sure to carefully measure and to order the proper size for you. Add a latex bra or bra set to your collection of erotic apparel. Rubber Loft offers a wide range of different and stunning styles, with contrast colors and thicknesses to suit every taste. You will also find in our catalog a wide range of fetish bra tops: exposed nipples, nipple stimulation bras and more. 
Complement your latex bras with a pair of latex gloves, stockings and panties.