Latex Tops

Latex Tops

Women's Latex Tops

Rubber Loft offers a superb collection of well-tailored latex rubber tops, blouses and shirts.

Let’s start out with – may we say it? – our practical work-out tops. They fit perfectly and offer ultimate comfort. They are the “to-go-to” choice for many active women. Both for wearing outdoors or behind closed doors, our designs range from short and sassy halters, skinny tops with spaghetti straps, tank tops, cropped tops and midriff tops. These daring styles will keep you cool no matter where and how hot the atmosphere! And it will sizzle!

The Fashionista Trendsetter

Alongside these, we also have an extensive collection of long-sleeved shirts and blouses abounding with zippers and lacing. Take a look at our Rubber Loft catalog and check out the myriad of super details. Our shirts and blouses offer drama and sophistication. There will always be something to suit the occasion and a style sure to tempt even the most exacting tastes.

We’ve got something for every fetish. If you are looking for something even more adventurous and daring, check out our super-sexy tops with bared breasts! There are shirts with open bellies, laced up choker collars, and lacing down the back or front. Or what about a latex “halftop”? Falling to the waist, it covers the upper body completely, creating an erotic contrast to the rest of your naked skin.

All the tops can be ordered with contrasting trim to add more adventure. Pair your tops with leggings or a miniskirt in the same or contrasting color. Add in a pair of gloves or a saucy hat. Just feel the sexy atmosphere!

Remember to measure carefully when ordering to ensure you receive the perfect fit.