Rubber Loft is the distributor of high-quality latex products for the fetish and BDSM lifestyle. These include latex clothes and BDSM accessories from LATEXA in a wide range of colors, thicknesses (from 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm), and sizes (from XS to XXXL) at reasonable prices.



The LATEXA brand is well-known in the fetish world for their high quality and continuous innovation. New items and new exciting colors are continuously being developed and added to their catalog. 





Molded latex


To form a molded latex garments, a form or mold is dipped into liquid latex. The product is in one piece and is seamless. While molded garments generally do not fit as smoothly and accurately as a tailored garments, the  natural flexibility of the latex still allows molds somewhat to the body. The molding process is much less labor-intensive than the tailored method, and therefore this type of clothing is generally less expensive. Most toys, gloves and fetish wear are made from molded latex.



Tailored latex


Tailored latex clothing has a much more sophisticated appearance, is of better quality and can have a closer fit than molded latex clothing. To form tailored latex garment, pieces are cut out according to a pattern and joined together much the same way that regular clothing is made. The pieces are generally joined by gluing, although sometimes sewing is used. The latex sheets used for this process are manufactured to strict thickness tolerances (standard for clothing is 0.4 mm/0.02” gauge). Therefore tailored latex garments have greater overall uniformity than molded clothing. They are also generally higher in overall quality. Although the latex of tailored garments is thinner than that of molded ones, tailored clothing is more tear-resistant as a result of a more exacting manufacturing process and the reinforcement of all stress points (underarms, crotches, etc.) with multiple, glued layers.



Chlorinated latex


After producing a garment, it may undergo a chlorination process, which chemically changes the normally sticky surface outer layer of latex, creating a smooth, silky texture. Such garments are much easier to put on without the need for lubricants or talcum powder. For this reason, we highly recommend ordering chlorinated latex, especially for garments that are very close-fitting and difficult to put on, such as gloves, leggings or stockings. Chlorination has another advantage as the process breaks down the protein present in unchlorinated latex that is the source of latex allergies. Please note, however, that chlorinated items are sometimes difficult to repair with simple gluing and may require professional mending. Chlorination may slightly alter the original latex color.




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The Latex Fetish Store


When you need a material for erotic and sexy clothes, latex is one of the first things that come to mind. And it makes sense. Smooth, radiant latex in the electric light works wonders and allows you to embody the brightest and daring sexual fantasies: it slits a figure, emphasizing all its advantages and hiding its shortcomings, has the "second skin effect", thanks to which it gives amazing tactile sensations. Moreover, latex stretches well, so the clothing from our latex rubber shop is suitable for many sizes. There is nothing more erotic and, at the same time, rebellious than linen made from such fetish material as latex. 



The latex store popularity


It's not a surprise that latex underwear is very popular with women with a vivid imagination. The latex shop stuff is a favorite choice not only for fans of fetish and BDSM, but also for those who are not against small sexual experiments, role-playing games and spectacular preludes. The stuff and sexy latex clothing is just for you and only for us. No matter what your figure is - latex will perfectly emphasize all its appeal. If you want to ignite the flame of passion in your partner and touch your wildest sexual desires you should buy latex. It helps you to realize those erotic fantasies that you could only dream of. A suitable set of underwear or sexy clothes made from high-quality latex will be the first step towards meeting your idea! This material has one more important advantage - it is easy to wash. The main thing is do not leave them in the heat in direct sunlight.



Latex clothing store guide


Our sexy latex shop will help you make this first step - here you will find the best underwear, accessories and sexy latex clothes. Short frank dresses, miniskirts, panties and many other items of erotic clothes from the best producers are all you need to make your sex really hot and memorable! Latex isn't difficult to wear and remove. Chlorinated latex is an alternative of classic latex. It doesn’t require using lubricants or talcum powder. But our fetish shop also recommends using these products for the convenience of dressing products from latex. So welcome to the latex world – a place where the dreams come true.