Nothing can compare to the sensation of a second skin that only latex can provide. For the strong women looking to reclaim her femininity to the portrayal of masculinity, all can enjoy the power that latex inspires when worn. From translucent garments to uniforms and high collar shirts, wearing these skin-tight vests and T shirts will transform your body and your mind. Pair your sexy latex T shirts with a pair of latex gloves or flowing cape for a real sense of empowerment or the ultimate submission. As soon as the tight shirt or shiny vest is placed over your body, you will see the finer attention to detail from the curves of your body to the stretch of the material. Every garment will show offer your body and provide the sexy aesthetic that only the best rubber material can provide. Latex tops are high shine garments that will leave you and your partner feeling powerful and sexual. For every latex enthusiast, vests and shirts will allow you to explore your fetish fantasies. Rub your hands along the stretch garments and feel every smooth sensation only latex can provide.

T-shirts and Vests to Enhance the Senses

Clothing that fits perfectly against your skin will get you excited and ready to explore your deepest desires. If you have a rubber fetish or simply wish to surprise your partner with the figure-hugging material, then a sexy latex vest or a dress up uniform is sure to enhance your erotic excitement. The moment you wear your rubber T shirt, you will feel set free. Play for the day or the night in a premium selection of erotic wear.

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Rubber Loft is your premium provider of the best latex clothing. Discover skin-tight tops and role-playing uniforms in sizes XS to XXXL. Colors are dependent on the choice of garment with tops including shiny black, metallic blue and translucent apparel. If you love latex, why not pair your top with a matching bottom or add some kink with a set of the finest latest gloves.