Premium gags encourage erotic pleasure with deeply intimate bondage experiences. Consisting of a rubber ball to perfectly fit inside your mouth, you and your partner can enhance your BDSM pleasures with powerful restraint. Kinky latex gags are smooth to the touch. It consists of buckles and straps for a secure fit around the head and fantasy constraints. You can also connect a variety of interesting bondage extras to the O-ring for exciting bedroom games. From the oval bite to the classic hollow gag, exercise discipline and extreme restraint with a wide range of pleasure accessories. Every product is pliable consisting of a durable and a thick latex. No matter how wild your games, the BDSM gags are sure to stay in position. If you are feeling naughty, a hollow gag without fasteners allows the freedom to stick your tongue through the hole for greater pleasure. The latest kink accessories and toys provide the perfect fit and an aesthetic appearance.

Transform Your BDSM Play with the Gag Range

Ball gags are designed for pure pleasure. By placing the kink toy in your mouth, it heightens every other sensation experienced across your body. Engage in the ultimate game of dominance and submission when you choose to place theinflatable gag in your partner’s mouth. As the succumb to the restraint, reinforce your position of dominance with power and control.

Our shop presents an incredible selection of pleasurable gags. From inflatables and funnels to butterfly and tube bite gag products, pair with an erotic latex vacuum bag or latex body bag for the ultimate eroticism.

Choose Us for a Premium Erotic Range

Rubber Loft is your leading supplier of the best BDSM and kink accessories and latex garments. Restraining products are available in different sizes, colors and consistencies. This includes pump action to intensify stimulation. We provide our customers competitive prices and quality materials. Speak to Us for more BDSM.