Latex Dresses & Uniforms

Latex Dresses & Uniforms

Latex Dresses & Uniforms

If you want to be the center of attention at a costume party, you can make no better choice than to dress up in one of our sensual latex rubber dresses or uniforms. Rubber Loft offers a full range of sexy, attractive styles, including military, barmaid, nurse, kimono, fantasy, and many, many more.

Rubber Loft offers a Variety!

Of course, perhaps you prefer your own personal private costume party and a bit of role playing in one of our dresses or uniforms is more your style. We also offer fetish styles for ultimate bedroom fun: inflatable dresses, super shiny dresses, transparent dresses – you name it, we have it. Lust will run high and your partner will hunger for more.

All About Our Latex Clothing

There are two types of latex clothing and accessories: cast and glued. Cast latex clothing is made by pouring liquid latex into specially shaped molds. Glued clothing is made in a more tailored way, the way regular clothing is, by cutting sheets of latex according to a pattern pieces and gluing (instead of sewing) the pieces together. The process is more time-intensive, but the resultant garment is better tailored and fits better, and is well worth the extra cost.

No matter the process, latex is delicate and heat sensitive. Keep them away from cigarettes and other sources of heat.

Remember that a latex garment is called “a second skin” for a reason. Latex fits very closely, giving the illusion of a second skin, and you want to order a size that will fit snugly. Chlorinated latex garments are easier to put on and take off. But no matter what the product, you need patience. Use talcum or our special powders liberally on the inside, or use silicone lubrication. Don’t pull, don’t tug too hard, and don’t let your spikey fingernails get close. Slowly ease it on, begin careful that buckles, zippers, earrings or other ornaments don’t catch on the fabric. Then adjust it gently until it is perfect.