Just like longer leggings, latex shorts are a superb addition to your erotic wardrobe. We offers a great selection of comfortable latex women’s shorts, from knee-length Bermudas to the sexiest hot pants, all of which fit snugly and are anatomically shaped in the crotch area and give you the intense constriction that only latex can provide. Explore our world of colors: of course, there is classic black, but we also offer a huge variety of vibrant, eye-catching colors. We even offer super-seductive, super-erotic transparent latex. Choose your favorite openings and closings: zippers, snaps, lacing. Or what about open-crotched. Sizzling!

Shorts for Every Occasion

Shorts have always been a favorite. They are a wonderful way to initiate or enhance your rubber collection at a modest cost, and are easy to put on and take off. But then you can progress and combine them with other articles of clothing to suit any occasion. Matched up with a sexy halter and stiletto heels, they suggest sensuous pleasure in the bedroom. Matched up with a t-shirt and sneakers, they are perfect for a walk in the park. Think of the heads you will turn because you are the sexiest runner on the track! Or wear a pair of sexy hotpants under your clothes. You are the only one who will know they are there, but the pleasurable and stimulating sensations will accompany you throughout the day. For fetishists we also offer inflatable latex shorts or just to spice up the bedroom with shorts "Suck me". Explore our catalogue and find your favorites.