Men! Do you enjoy wearing tight leggings to make your fashion statement? Leggings or tights are skin-tight pants made of thin, comfortable latex. They cover you up yet reveal everything! They flatter your curves and, as an added bonus, the tight-fitting material does a great job of shaping your butt to perfection. But beware! Only natural latex does the job. If you are wearing leggings from poor substitutes such as faux leather, stretch vinyl, PVC or some other elasticized or coated material, it’s time to discover  the difference that natural latex leggings offers.

We offer all our male leggings to your exact measurements for the perfect fit. Leggings meant to be worn as regular clothing are best when ordered anywhere between 0.4 and 1.0 mm thick, which will be strong, yet thin enough to remain sensual. To avoid sticking, as rubber tends to do, we recommend investing in the chlorinated option, which makes them easy to slip on without using silicone oil or talc. Chlorinated latex also has an appealing smooth, shiny look that is easy to maintain. It is softer and better resists damage from UV light and sweat than the non-chlorinated option. (But be careful with those belt buckles and other metal fastenings on your clothes and boots!).

Skin-tight Leggings in a Range of Colors

Check out our catalog and discover our huge range of leggings. Black is not the only option! Besides the more standard dark blue or brown, they are available in our wide range of colors. Why not go wild with lilac, metallic blue or olive green? We offer models with and without attached socks, penis sheaths, and codpieces, or with crotch zippers (especially popular, and more resemble traditional trousers!) or open crotches. We even offer inflatable leggings!

Imagine the attention that will come your way when you are wearing a pair of real latex leggings. For an even better effect, complement your sexy leggings with a shiny latex tank top, t-shirt or other shirt to make your fashion statement. Women can’t resist them.


We offer two types of high-quality latex socks: molded and anatomical. Anatomical socks may be ordered with a zipper up the back. As with all our garments, we offer a chlorinated option, and you can choose from our wide range of colors and thicknesses (from 0.4 to 1.0 mm). Sizes are available from S to XXL.