Latex Skirts

Latex Skirts

Latex Skirts

Mini, midi or maxi. Which length of skirt do you prefer? For special occasions or for more intimate ones, our natural rubber/latex skirts offer an amazing look for both daywear and at night. Rubber Loft skirts come with impeccable detailing and a wide range of spirited and stylish detailing.

A tight latex miniskirt is the epitome of sexy. Due to their stretch, they fit your body like a second skin and offer the ultimate sensual feeling of constriction. They enhance every body shape, and your butt will be the center of attention. They leave little to the imagination, especially if you have chosen an “assless” style.

We also carry longer, more sophisticated “pencil” skirts that fit perfectly and have strategically placed zippers or openings. Is there anything more erotic than a long, tight skirt with a slit up to “there”? Also in our collection are long, full swinging skirts or circle skirts. These add glamour to your sex play, but they are also great to wear “out.”

The color choice is extensive, and you can order them in any color combination. Consider black trimmed with a contrasting color. The effect will be astounding.

Glued or Molded? Choose Your Preference.

As with all latex wear, you have your choice of glued (tailored) or molded skirts. Whatever your choice, they are made to exacting standards in our factory.

To complete your ensemble, match them with a top, blouse or shirt from our range of latex tops. And underneath, how about a pair of latex panties or latex stockings? Or how about nothing at all?!