Inflatable, smooth and solid rubber plugs are designed for heightened pleasure. Every butt plug is created to increase sexual stimulation and pleasure. Each plug offers a fair weight with the option of an inflatable pump for ongoing sensation. The rubber consistency offers ease of use, ensuring your comfort is maintained. Combine an authentic rubber plug with an erotic ball gag and take your stimulation to a new level of satisfaction. The rubberized consistency of each plug makes it easier to insert with the application of lube. The tapered edge of the traditional butt plug along with a bulbous mid-section provides an extra sensory and stimulatory experience. A smooth rubber exterior makes it easy to keep hygienically clean. The range of plugs come in fair sizes, ensuring satisfaction every time you play. The single plugs without an attached hand pump, offer a secure base making it easier to wear comfortably all day.

How to Enjoy the Rubber Plug

For a night of sheer kink and eroticism, add your latex lingerie with a pair of latex gloves and a pair of inflatable rubber plugs for play time. Choose the desired size and shape to provide your perfect day or night of absolute pleasure. Create passionate play by inflating your rubberized plug for a full sensation. Whether a hand pump or vibrating plug, every bedroom toy provides incredible pressure you and your partner will enjoy.

Buy Your Perfect Rubber Plugs with Rubber Loft

We present an exciting range of BDSM and kink plugs. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your pleasure needs, we help you maximize your bedroom stimulation and play with inflatable, vibrating and single plug design. Rubber Loft introduces plug sets of different styles and shapes to suit your erotic preferences. Whether black, red, lilac or metallic blue, select your preferred rubber plug to ignite your senses and your pleasures.