Follow our simple advice to keep your latex garments in good condition and extend their life. Because latex is a natural rubber, all latex clothing arrives coated with talcum powder on both sides. Before use, wash with warm water and dry thoroughly. Tight garments and/or those without zippers will be easier to put on with talcum powder or silicone lubricant. If you wish to shine your garment, use a latex polish made specially for the purpose.


Dressing and use instructions:

To make it easier to put on latex clothing, friction between the body and the inside of the garment must be minimized. (This is especially important for gloves and stockings.) We recommend using a water- or silicone-based liquid lubricant specially made for latex clothing. (These lubricants are safe for the skin.). Alternatively, you can talcum powders made specially for latex. Never use oil-based lubricants (e.g., massage oil or petroleum jelly). These cause irreparable damage to latex! Spread a small amount of liquid lubricant or talc on your body and on the inside of the garment, and gently pull on the garment. Do not allow your fingernails to pull at the latex. Treat latex gently. Carefully ease the garment on so that it fits snugly. Be careful with sharp objects (jewelry, long fingernails) that can damage latex clothing. Latex is not naturally shiny. If you want your latex to be shiny and glossy, apply a small amount of latex polish and rub it evenly by hand or with a sponge until it gleams.


Important! Some individuals are allergic to latex (such as to rubber gloves or condoms).

If you notice any allergic reaction on your skin or mucous membranes, immediately discontinue any contact with the latex clothing and seek medical attention.