BDSM vacuum beds consist of a thick and durable latex with a smooth and shiny finish. You can easily climb inside and enjoy the fulfilment of the breathing hole as you experience the tremendous suction against your skin. The latex vacuum bed can have the air inside the bed sucked out while you remain inside the bed. It creates the perfect immobility with only the sensation of the latex remaining. Select the comfort of a true latex bed and pair with a spiked pillow or the suction and the restriction of a vacuum bed. A stellar range of latex bedding allows every BDSM lover to experience their rubber fetish and to play our their every latex fantasy. Inflatable pillows, body bags and pillowcases with a matte finish are must haves for the avid latex lover.

Premium Latex and Vacuum Beds

Latex beds are perfect for rubber fetishes. From the smooth feel of the glossy or matte material to vacuum beds providing the perfect suction. Every latex layer will contribute to incredible sensations of erotica and the pleasures of fetishism. Enhance your intimate experiences with a snug fitting body bag adding kink to your BDSM play. Discover a range of the latest latex beds and vacuum bags to intensify stimulation with your kink partner. Whether you fancy caressing, flogging or playing with adult toys, these durable beds and suits are designed to satisfy your every fantasy. If you are a latex bed enthusiast, allow yourself to escape.

Reasons to Buy the Perfect Bedding

Nothing compares to the feeling of latex when it hugs your body and caresses your skin. Enjoy the pleasures of your latex fetish with a deep red inflatable pillow to complement your rubber bed sheet. For the fetish and BDSM lifestyle, we offer exceptional BDSM accessories from Latexa. Discover a variety of colors, thicknesses and sizes in our sensual rubberized products. You can satisfy the temptation to perform while being surrounded by erotic latex with our affordable and premium range.