Latex Accessories

Here are two great reasons for ordering Rubber Loft Latex Men’s or Women’s Accessories today.

Not sure about the whole Latex scene?

Get yourself a couple of latex accessories and experiment with latex without having to invest in an entire outfit. A latex accessory is your first step into the sensuous world of latex. Try out a fine, soft latex collar around your sensitive, erogenous neck. Not only will you love the look, you will experience the excitement that latex adds to your sexual experience.Or tuck a latex garter up under your skirt or sexy night gown. Sparks are sure to fly! Check through our offerings: you are sure to find something that appeals and that will open up a whole new world to you.

Add more pizzazz to your overall look

Accessories are often what makes an outfit stand out in a crowd. Latex accessories add special interest, details and style to the overall latex look. Hats, eyelet belts, collars, gloves, stockings and more can give your outfit a special look. Try adding a latex collar to a maid’s uniform. Or what about a rubber suspender belt with a pair of latex riding breeches. A catsuit looks extra-special when finished off with a pair of gloves. Maybe a mini dress with a pair of thigh-high stockings or a sexy latex garter tucked underneath is more your style. Hats, hoods and masks all add extra interest. Think how a saucy hat will enhance the erotic look of your outfit. Accessories allow you to vary your look by mixing and matching. You can order your accessories in colors to match or contrast with you main outfits. At Rubber Loft, we care about the little details. Our accessories make high quality, perfect additions to your latex wardrobe. Make your outfit complete by adding some of our affordable accessories.