Whether a sexy snug catsuit or a skin-tight bra, nothing beats the beauty and eroticism of inflatable latex. Bras, suits and body bags can be inflated in your favorite rubber touch material. The premium manufacture allows every garment to stretch to its maximum allowing you to experience increased pressure and stimulation. Certainly, the conversation piece at a fetish party, blow-up latex is sensual and leaves you wanting more. If you prefer the suffocation and tightness of an inflatable latex body bag or straight-jacket, the unique range is available in a thicker consistency. Allow your garment to stretch and flex without rips or tears. Thick and inflatable latex suit is every BDSM enthusiast’s dream. Transform those deep fantasies and intense desires into a reality with premium quality design.

The Reasons to Incorporate Inflatable Latex

The armless body bag or premium catsuit consisting of the skin-tight material is what every latex lover fantasizes about. The exciting way to experience your preferred choice of rubber garment is with an inflatable function. The pump action creates pressure within the suit, bra or bag when worn. You can heighten your erotic pleasures with a mask attached to the suit, latex blindfold or mask that only includes mouth openings. Whatever your pleasure, always choose a high-quality manufacture allowing your second skin to stretch and your senses to explode.

Purchase Your Inflatable Suit at Rubber Loft

Rubber Loft offers a premium range of inflatable latex products for you and your partner to enjoy. Consisting of a high-quality material, the men and women’s selection has been designed to withstand the pressure caused by inflation. It has also been manufactured to maximize pleasure for the wearer. Discover our unique line of inflatable products from bras and full body suits to blindfold and straightjackets. Our stunning latex clothing is sold in sizes small to XXXL with colors ranging from transparent and black to red, pink and smoky grey among others. All latex products are LATEXA approved for the ultimate fetish experience.