Latex Polish Spray, Vivishine
Vivishine Fresh-Up, Box

Vivishine Fresh-Up

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by Latexa

A wipes for polishing and brightening your latex clothes when you are at parties or somewhere else and you don't need to take a bottle of polish with you.

(Price per 1 piece)



Simply tear open the individual pack at the top, remove the soaked wipe and unfold. Then wipe directly and without pressure over the areas to be polished. The cloth absorbs any lint that may be present and wets the latex surface with a fine film for a beautiful shine. In many cases, VIVISHINE fresh up wipes is enough for two people or multiple uses over the course of an event. To do this, simply fold the cloth back together and put it back in the tear-open package. Its absorbency prevents liquid from leaking.

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