Not every fan of fetish clothes will dare wear latex in a public place because many people think that if you are not a flamboyant pop star, everyone will think you look strange wearing latex.

Wearing latex under everyday clothes is like sex in public places. Many want to try it, but not everybody realizes their fantasy. But unlike having sex in secluded public places, the risk of being exposed of wearing latex under everyday clothing is minimal.




I don't need to describe what wearing latex feels like If you decide to wear latex outside the home or under your casual clothes, because you already have some experience wearing this amazing stretchy, tight-fitting material. The advantage to wearing latex under your everyday clothing is that the outerwear actually works to provide stimulation as it touches and slides over the rubber surface of your second skin.

Unfortunately for many, wearing latex in public is not feasible. Some see latex clothing to be overly provocative, others consider it to a fabric for perverts. In fact, latex is a delightful natural material, and the frequency of its appearance on high-fashion models only confirms it.




Latex has two undisputed advantages. The first is its shine. The second is how tightly it sits on the figure, aligning with and repeating every bend of the body. Latex fits the body like a second skin; it even takes on the temperature of your body surface. And if the design of your fetish product does not include any belts, buckles, rings or other protruding parts, then the latex you are wearing under your clothes will be absolutely invisible.

The latex fashion industry is still young, but among the designers of fetish clothing, there are already several big names known around the world, such as Atsuko Kudo, who dresses a good half of Hollywood pop divas − from Rihanna to Katy Perry − who  have already tried. So today wearing rubber clothing in public is becoming less of a problem or public taboo.




Believe it or not, one day you will want to wear some latex under your clothes when you head outside, so when ordering any product with a mask, gloves or socks, we recommend not having these elements glued to the suit. Instead, order them as a set.

Realize your fantasies and have fun wearing latex, without regard to the sanctimonious opinions of puritan society.