thickness latex



One thing you have to decide on when ordering latex garment is what thickness you want. Latex clothing commonly comes in thicknesses between 0.25 and 0.6 mm, and even thicker (e.g. belts). How do you know?
The thinner the material, the easier it fits the body shape without constricting it. On the other hand, thicker latex is stronger and less easily damaged (scratches, fingernails, hangers, friction, etc.).
While a 0.25 mm latex catsuit looks best in photos, a 0.4 mm one will be more suitable for general use. It can be worn without having to worry too much about handling it carefully.

A latex catsuit that is 0.6 mm thick is extremely sturdy and helps shape the body and many enjoy the sensation. The advantage of a thicker suit is that it lends itself to alterations if it does not fit perfectly. Some garments, such as latex coats, jeans and jackets, are probably preferable in 0.6 mm thickness or more, as they will hold their shape and wrinkle less.