Heavy rubber is the name of a specific type of fetish games, usually involving complete attire in thick latex − from gloves and socks, to masks covering the entire head and face.

Also, most Heavy rubber images and scenarios involve the use of bondage devices, corsets, rubber or leather harnesses and gas-masks.


Heavy Rubber - Gas Mask



Heavy rubber means complete immersion in the world of the latex fetish. Covering the whole body in tightly fitting latex pleasantly constrains movement,

and the slightest gesture or turn of the head immediately bestows a pleasant “rubber feeling” on the skin. Additional fixations with belts, ropes and special fetish devices adds a BDSM touch to rubber games.



Heavy Latex - Gas Mask


As a rule, black dominates products intended for heavy rubber and latex bondage games, making the games appear more grotesque and giving them a Gothic-like feel.

Clothing and costumes for heavy rubber games are always made of the thickest latex for the most intense tactile sensations.

Heavy rubber is especially suitable for dominant-subservient sex games. Often, the dominatrix uses devices to control the breathing of her slave, in particular a variety of rubber tubes, breathing masks,

latex masks with only one hole for breathing, bag valve masks and vacuum devices.



Heavy Latex - Gas Mask


Often a heavy rubber game has echoes of a medical theme. The use of medical beds and examination chairs, urethral catheters, and enemas are the basis of these fetish scenarios.

Sometimes, strap-ons appear in Heavy rubber games . The Mistress, tightly fixing her sub in a latex suit, fastens on a dildo and does with her fetish slave what she wants.

The sight of the female completely dressed in thick latex, with high heels and a rubber strap-on frightens and excites at the same time. This sexy rubber creature is not just a person, but the real embodiment of fetish fantasy.



Heavy Rubber games


In latex BDSM games, one partner becomes completely enclosed in dense rubber and is completely at the mercy of the partner's imagination. He or she cannot resist the caresses delivered,

even caresses delivered against a background of pain.

We recommend experimenting with heavy rubber games. Perhaps you will discover a new source of intense fetish pleasure.


Heavy Rubber - BDSM games