latex catsuit



The popularity of latex clothing is largely a result of media promotion. Latex clothing is popular in movies and fashion shows, and by artists, musicians. TV shows also contribute to the popularization of this type of clothing. Today, latex clothes are routinely worn to parties by people who want to emphasize their individuality. Clothes made of latex hugs the body tightly, emphasizing all its curves. The appearance is very sexy to others and provides an incomparable erotic sensation to the wearer.





Those who enjoy a rubber fetish do it either individually or with their sexual partners. In addition, groups have been formed for those who share this interest. In 2010, an exhibition of latex products was hosted in Hamburg, Germany, where new products in the industry were presented and designers presented original creations. After the fashion show, the audience was treated to a rubber doll competition. Also in Germany, the “Marquis” magazine, devoted to fetish fashion, has been published since 1994 in English and German on a quarterly basis. The magazine presents new products in the fetish industry, photos of the latest latex and rubber clothing models, and also announcements of upcoming parties.



Latex clothing



As a result, there has been a rubber-fetish subculture for many years, and even from the time of the first appearance of latex and latex clothing in the world. But what is a fetish, in general and regarding latex in particular? Most agree that a latex and rubber clothing fetish can be considered harmless as long as participants are mutually agreeable to the phenomenon and do not use it to cause distress to themselves or their partners.


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