Since childhood, we have been surrounded by dozens of things made of latex. We have long been accustomed to it, so what else could possibly surprise us in latex? Not so long ago clothes appeared made exclusively from latex. As you probably have already guessed, this erotic clothing is not designed for everyday wear. Clothes and intimate apparel made of latex are often described as a "second skin," as latex fits the body tightly and creates a unique image of its owner.





Today, the realm of latex fashion is not only influenced by different kinds of fetishism. It has recently experienced strong influence from. Today, we often see supermodels on the catwalks clothed in tight latex, similar to the heroes of popular fiction movies. Some musical artists have also appeared in music videos and during performances in front of thousands of audience dressed in sexy latex clothing.

For people practicing fetish and BDSM, latex clothing provides an indispensable attribute.
In fact, these are two completely different notions are united by the desire to possess an outfit that fits their desires.
When you have clothing and intimate apparel made of latex, besides the purely aesthetic component, you have an attractive look and a completely new experience. Wearing latex clothing makes your body look fitter and leaner.

Latex clothing can be produced in two ways: it can be cast in molds, or latex sheets can be cut into patterns, the same as regular clothing, and then glued together (instead of sewing). It is difficult to say which method is technologically better, but the strength of latex clothing depends on the thickness of the latex layer. A tailored and glued latex suit is more durable because it is made from thick sheets of latex. Molded clothing is usually not of uniform thickness and, as a result, some areas are weaker and more prone to damage.



Latex leggings



There is much latex clothing produced in China for the world market. As a rule, these items are made from poor quality latex of insufficient thickness. Therefore, these clothes quickly stretch out of shape and even tear. If you want your latex investment to serve you as long as possible, do not save on quality. Order your rubber and latex clothing and underclothes in specialty stores. The saying "buy cheap, buy twice” is definitely applicable in the case of latex products.

Do you know that wearing latex helps dieters? Wearing latex leads to increased sweating, which is the same principle upon which the action of anti-cellulite clothing is based. During activity, the body sweats heavily and loses weight. In one evening, actively dancing, you can lose a couple of extra pounds. At the same time, of course, it should be remembered that moderation is the key. Remaining too long in a latex or rubber suit with a minimum of open areas can cause hyperthermia.

Latex is characterized by a large coefficient of reflection, so things made from latex have an appealing shine. To keep that shine, you will need to clean your latex items occasionally with a special polish. Make sure it is polish specifically for the purpose. Other oils, such as massage oil or lubricants, include substances that weaken latex. The best polish for anything latex or rubber is based on medical silicone. These are normally available for purchase where you buy your latex clothing.